Meet Becca Anchor
Featured Artist Member June 2024

Written by: Heather Dunaway
June 2024

You saw her work in the Quilted Blooms in the Augusta & Co. Gallery and most recently in Stolarski’s home for A Private View this past May, now meet the artist! Becca Anchor hails from Augusta, GA and is a creator, educator, dedicated wife and dog mom. She describes herself as having eternal optimism with a love for plants. When she is not immersed in her art or teaching, she enjoys baking cookies, antiquing with her mother, and working on home renovation projects with her father. You can see all of this come through in her uplifting, colorful, whimsical, nature inspired artworks.


Becca’s journey into the art world began in sixth grade with a watercolor class taught by Jim Gensheer. Her passion for art grew through her studies in art and biology at Clemson, where she initially planned to become a medical illustrator. However, inspired by the art professors she admired; Becca found herself drawn to teaching.


Like many budding artists, the shift to online courses in 2020 gave her the opportunity to return to her creative projects, starting with painting the plants in her home. Sharing these pieces online eventually led to the creation of her art venture, SIFT + STACK.

Photo of a Caucasian woman. she has shoulder length brown hair. She is smiling with a painting of a house. She is wearing a white button down shirt.
Becca Anchor

As a self-proclaimed art history enthusiast, Becca draws inspiration from modern female artists like Helen Frankenthaler and Mary Cassatt, appreciating their unique perspectives. She also admires artists who intersect with interior design, such as William Morris, Yayoi Kusama, and the Memphis Movement. Currently, her work is influenced by maximalist interior design trends on social media, classic patterns, traditional landscape design, and tropical houseplants.

A sample of Becca's Ceramic works

When asked about her favorite medium, Becca admitted she finds it hard to choose between painting and ceramics. Both mediums allow her to express different aspects of her creativity and she enjoys switching between them. For Becca, the most important tool in her art is color. She is passionate about color theory and how colors evoke memories and emotions. Switching between these two major mediums allows Becca to learn and grow as an artist.


One of the most formative experiences in Becca’s career was TA’ing for a figure painting class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Observing others as they painted, struggled, and learned deeply influenced her approach to building up a painting, composition, and color.


Another pivotal learning opportunity was when she collaborated with Westobou for one of their meal series’. In this, she was able to  create a large set of pieces while meticulously planning an environment; turning a long-held dream into reality.

Outside of Private Views and solo exhibitions in the Augusta & Co. Gallery, you can explore Becca Anchor’s works of art on her website and follow her creative journey on Instagram.

photo of a ceramic mug and plate
photo of a table with a big mural and ceramic sets on top
photo of a ceramic serving set