Meet Jon Paschal!
Featured Artist Jan 2024

Written by: Heather Dunaway
January 2024
Jon Paschal in a gray hat and black jacket. He is a Caucasian man with brown eyes and brown hair.
Jon Paschal

Jon Paschal is an creator from South Augusta, GA who has been wielding a pencil since before he could form cohesive thoughts. His artistic journey took a unique turn as he embraced the world of graffiti and street art, favoring spray cans and markers over traditional brushes and paints. Seeing and hearing the paint leave the can and splatter on whatever is in front of me is therapeutic. -Jon Paschal


When he’s not getting messy with paints and markers, Jon is deep diving into the digital side of art making. 


His goal is to create memorable images that spark conversations and evoke emotions, as demonstrated by his recent achievement with the monster mural on Broad Street.


In terms of style, Jon navigates the realms of graffiti and street art, often infused with a touch of cartooning. Additionally, he explores the aesthetics of Synthwave and retro 80s designs, giving birth to what he aptly calls the PASC style – a unique blend that sets his work apart.


Bright colors and bold lines play a pivotal role in Jon’s creations. To him, they bring vibrancy to the world and demand attention, a visual that draws the viewer in. It’s a deliberate choice to ensure that his work stands apart.

His inclination towards the graphic side of creation stems from the way he perceives the world. Jon’s love for crisp, clean line work and color led him to graphic design; a path he embraced after parting ways with traditional art classes. His inspiration thrives on these graphic, in-your-face designs.

The local art scene in Augusta has not escaped Jon’s admiration. He finds inspiration in the fresh perspectives of A.C. Daniels, the effortless oils of Alex Foltz and Tiphiknee De Herrera, the unique weirdness brought by Blaine Prescott, the lettering skills of Addison Niday, the unapologetic approach of Jason Craig, and the resilience of Francie Klopotic all inspire Jon’s work.


As a proud member of Artzilla, Jon cherishes the sense of family among fellow artists and the interactions with the public during events like Arts in the Heart. Looking ahead, Artzilla plans to continue making a splash in 2024, with live painting sessions at ANBU Tattoo and Art Collective on First Fridays.


Jon’s mural-making experience on Broad Street was a dream realized. The Revolving Mural Project allowed him to be seen in the heart of downtown Augusta, garnering support and compliments both online and in person. The project has fueled his passion, motivating him to cover even more surfaces with his vibrant creations.


To catch Jon’s work locally, keep an eye on 4P Studios, City Gallery, Le Chat Noir Gallery, ANBU Tattoo and Art Collective, and Grantski Records. While a portfolio website is in the works for 2024, you can currently find his art on his Instagram or Tiktok. With another mural project in the works, Jon the Artist is poised to leave his mark on Augusta’s artistic landscape.

mural of colorful friendly monsters by Jon Paschal
Jon Paschal's mural on Broad St. as part of the Revolving Mural Project
digital art drawing of a sky scraper in augusta, ga
Jn Paschal's work featured in the Augusta Poster Show
graphiti art by jon paschal
Example of the PASC style by Jon Paschal
by Jon Paschal