Meet Lexi Kay White
Featured Artist Member
June 2023

Written by: Heather Dunaway
June 2023

Lexi Kay White is an ethereal artist who got her start in Aiken, SC but has since lived all over the Western side of the country (California, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah). She moved back to the Augusta River Region at the onset of Covid in 2020.  Currently, she calls Beech Island, SC home.


Her work can be described as whimsical figure-scapes bathed in color and light. She often utilizes a cool color pallet sprinkled with warm tones to add a flare of an other-worldly element. When asked to describe her own work, Lexi says:


I am a painter and printmaker. I would describe my style as Ethereal. Ethereal is like a blend of Impressionism and Surrealism, along with secret third thing which exists in the ether. Most people are struck by the colors I use in my art.


Having moved back to the Augusta Area at such an isolating time, Lexi sees the value in building a network, both in person and online. You can find Lexi on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok or on her website at As an artist member, her profile can also be found on the Arts Council’s Artist Directory

Lexi Kay White standing with her paiting. She is a Caucasian woman. She is wearing a blue, long haired wig with a silver crown and white dress. She is holding an acrylic painting of a woman surrounded by flowers.
Lexi Kay White with her work "Call Me Your Muse"

Part of building a network is getting out there and participating in events. Lexi was recently selected to be a live painter at the James Brown Birthday Get Down at the Augusta Museum of History on May 6, 2023 where she completed “Call Me Your Muse,” pictured above. Her work, “Peaceful Repose,” (shown below) was also featured in the Greater Augusta Arts Council’s 2023 WetPaint Party and Art Sale held in the Julian Smith Casino on March 4th.

Painting by Lexi Kay White of an opossum in a bouquet of flowers on top of a linen covered table.
"Peaceful Repose" by Lexi Kay White

Lexi can be quoted as saying: “A good network can be the catalyst for revolutionary artwork.”


Inspiration can do this as well. 


Old world artists such as Michelangelo, Boticelli, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Frida Kahlo have inspired the works of Lexi Kay White, but they are not all that she draws visions for new works from. Music, for many, is a driving force behind many creations. 
Lexi has a form of synesthesia, which is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Individuals with this condition often hear a sound and see a visual, associate certain numbers with colors or physically feel a sensation on their skin when met with a certain word or phrase. 

Most notably creators such as Musicians Beyonce and Billie Eilish, inventor Nikola Tesla, conductor Hans Zimmer and actress Marilyn Monroe are said to have this rare and mysterious condition. Lexi sees visuals when she is listening to music. Some of her favorite genres are sad indie pop and EDM. She is currently listening to Melanie Martinez.


You can find some of Lexi’s works around town in venues such as the New Moon Cafe in Augusta or live painting at other local events. Her works have often been featured in exhibitions at 4P Studios Gallery and the 600 Broad Gallery. Her sidewalk mural “To Savannah” is part of a collection of murals to remind Augustans of the dangers of pollution as part of the It All Flows into the Savannah Project. It can be found in the Augusta Common in Downtown Augusta, GA.


She is currently seeking gallery representation as she progresses in her artistic career. She has an active newsletter available on her website where supporters can sign-up for current information on where Lexi is exhibiting works.