Meet Ray Sturkey
March 2024 Featuared Artist

Written by: Heather Dunaway
March 2024

As an artist, Ray Sturkey explores the spiritual and emotional experience. His work delves into these concepts to create works that transcend what is visible and touch the soul. As a formal, classically trained creator, Ray understands all that traditionally goes into creating artwork, while implementing his own techniques.


When asked about his inspirations, Ray humbly acknowledges the influence of numerous artists who have left an indelible mark on his journey. Among them are local luminaries such as Janice (Williams) Whiting and Philip Moresburger along with Benny Andrews, and Martin Puryear. These artists works have profoundly shaped Ray’s artistic development.


While the aforementioned artists may have influenced his approach to creating work, Ray finds the profound communication of heart and soul that truly inspires him to pursue art.


Beyond his personal artistic pursuits, Ray finds immense fulfillment in his role as an arts educator. For him, the true reward lies in witnessing the growth of young creators as they harness their skills to convey impactful messages. Seeing former

Portrait of Ray Sturkey. He is an African American man with facial hair. In the photo he is smiling, wearing a denim button down. He is standing by a red brick wall.
Ray Sturkey

students enter careers in the arts, some even becoming what he terms “Artist Educators,” brings him great joy and pride. His work with the students and fellow educators Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School has been a very rewarding career.


One of Ray’s notable experiences as an artist was his involvement in a crosswalk mural project, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with the Augusta community at East Boundary and Telfair St. to create a mural to draw attention to a known dangerous intersection, while expressing community pride. Reflecting on this experience, Ray describes it as nothing short of extraordinary. Working alongside members of the community to design and paint the mural, he felt honored to be the creative force behind a project that united and celebrated the pride of South Augusta.

Photo of crosswalk painters
Photo of Ray Sturkey, his desgins, and the group of Crosswalk Mural painter volunteer in June 2023

For those seeking to explore Ray’s work further, his presence can be found on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


Additionally, a new website showcasing his portfolio is forthcoming.


Locally, Ray’s work can be discovered in various settings, including collaborations with children at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Augusta Hub and publications like DefEd Magazine.


In Ray Sturkey’s artistry, there exists a profound invitation to journey beyond the surface and into the depths of human experience, where the realms of spirit and emotion intertwine to create something truly extraordinary.