Meet Symphoni Wiggins
July 2023 Featured Artist

Written by: Heather Dunaway
July 2023
Symphoni's portrait. She is a woman of African American ancestry with dark curly hair that falls to her shoulders. She is wearing a yellow jacket, black shirt and blue jeans. She is smiling.
Symphoni Wiggins

Symphoni Wiggins was born in San Antonio, TX but raised in Augusta, GA. She enjoyed dancing from a young age but was shy. At the age of 8, her mother enrolled her at Cutno Dance Center to help her overcome her shyness (which according to Symphoni worked, to some degree). She continued in her dance training at Cutno through High School. She learned many different styles and genres of dance and gained performance experience, performing in showcases such as the Georgia Power Gala in Atlanta, Choreographers Corner in Atlanta, Arts in the Heart of Augusta for multiple years, and many others. She graduated from the Academy of Richmond County Comprehensive High School in 2007.


All of her hard work in dance paid off in a big way. Symphoni went on to attend the prestigious Hollins University on a full dance scholarship, where she was able to grow and shape her dancing career. At Hollins, she was able to learn from instructors from around the world and to travel with the American College Dance Association to Arizona and Florida. She then went to New York and was able to train with dancers in the industry, and eventually made her way to Trinidad where she performed. 

When asked about her most memorable performance, Symphoni detailed her senior thesis while at Hollins University:


This was the first time that I had full creative control of my piece and it had to be based on a real-life issue that I felt the world was facing. I did my thesis on being a woman in this world and the many hats you are expected to wear and some inequalities you face. I danced and felt like I spoke up for all the woman out there that were too shy to speak for themselves or too tired o speak up. It felt so good.

She obtained her degree from Hollins University in 2011 and moved to Charlotte, NC before moving back to Augusta to teach. Eventually opening her own studio; A Creative Symphoni Dance Studio where she is currently in her 10th season with more than 100 students. Most recently, Symphoni was awarded a grant from the Greater Augusta Arts Council through the National Endowment of the Arts for the American Rescue Plan Funds for Individual Artist Projects.


When it comes to dance, Symphoni draws her inspiration from her students. She sees a little of herself in each of them. What one kid may have thought was just an “after-school activity” or a way to overcome, only to find their passion and turn it into their life, It is a joyful sight few have the amazing chance to witness. Symphoni has been teaching since the young age of 12 and feels she has helped many in that time discover their dreams.

Photo of Symphoni Wiggins dancing on stage in a brown skirt and black top.
Symphoni Wiggins

Creative Symphoni Studio’s next big event is their summer program which began on June 10, 2023. They are working hard with dancers of all ages and backgrounds to get ready for upcoming performances at the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival (they are confirmed for festival Sunday) and a performance on a cruise ship.


You can find more information on Symphoni and her studio through their social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook, or on the Creative Symphoni Website at