Welcome to the Arts Council Team, Tripp Gustin!

Written by: Tripp Gustin
Edited by: Heather Duanway
March 2024

Who is our new Admin & Membership Coordinator?


Well, you may have heard the good news already! We would like to welcome local artist Tripp Gustin to our team!


Tripp is very excited to be joining the Greater Augusta Arts Council team as the new Admin & Membership Coordinator. As a local artist and designer, he is passionate about community art initiatives and is looking forward to having a direct hand in making that happen. The Arts Council team is thrilled to be working with a creative and energetic artist. As you all know, in the arts field, the more imaginative minds the better.


Originally from Mobile, AL, he moved to Augusta, GA in 2019 and quickly fell in love with the area. He earned a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design from the University of Alabama in 2012 and a degree in animation from Augusta University in 2023. His professional background includes work in advertising, tourism, and running his own freelance business.


In his spare time, he is primarily an illustrator, graphic designer, animator, and comic book artist. His longest-running work is the multimedia webcomic series Trueniverse Comics, and he is currently Kickstarting his first printed graphic novel. He lives in Summerville with his partner Matt and cat Arya and enjoys hiking, video games, live music, and karaoke.


“It’s nice to meet you!” – Tripp Gustin

Caucasioan man in a short sleeve white button-down wearing heart shaped sunglasses
Tripp Gustin

Working for a non-profit arts organization with such amazing annual events like our WetPaint Party and Arts in the Heart is a rewarding experience, but it is a lot to learn. We are excited to guide Tripp these next few months as we gear up for events like Annual Awards, Private Views and of course Arts in the Heart.


Let’s give Tripp a round of welcome!