GOLDEN BLOCKS PROJECT DEADLINE DECEMBER 3:  “Artists who have an interest in the crossroads of art, history, and social change are encouraged to submit an application for the upcoming “Golden Blocks Project,” a project spearheaded by the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History and the Greater Augusta Arts Council. This project will partner 4 artists with the staff of the Museum to bring the knowledge housed within the walls of the museum building into public spaces in the Laney Walker and Bethlehem areas.”


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Public Art is an important part of our city, and we are working to bring even more public work to you, the Augusta community. In early 2012, the Greater Augusta Arts Council was named as the Public Arts Agency for the City of Augusta, and our goal is to establish a program of high quality public art in the local area.

Why Public Art?

Wherever it is located, public art creates community. Public art can add value and positivity to neighborhoods, it can bring a smile to someone’s face in an unexpected part of town, and it boosts people’s health, happiness, and well-being. Art enhances communal spaces like parks, pedestrian thoroughfares, public buildings, and wherever people gather. Sculptures, murals, and other art installations also strengthen a sense of identity in the community. Public art can honor an area’s history, but at the same time, encourage us to look at a brighter future for our city.

We want to know more about the public art YOU want to see, as well. Please contact us if you have questions, comments, or want to get involved with public art in Augusta. Email Project Manager Pax Bobrow at

Public Art Master Plan

In 2016, the Greater Augusta Arts Council hired Convention, Sports and Leisure International to write a Public Art Master Plan. After a year of surveying the public to get input and meeting with city leaders, community stakeholders, artists and every day citizens – we are ready to share it with Augusta! The Public Art Master Plan for Augusta lays out our public art goals to bring art to all corners of Augusta in the upcoming years. Convention, Sports and Leisure International employed their expert knowledge of city planning, destination development, and tourism marketing to formulate a list of recommendations for Augusta to highlight our unique community and love for the arts. Plans include Sculpture Trails, a new festival for public art in Augusta, and more.

Frequently Asked: How Does Public Art “Happen” in Augusta?

One question the Arts Council receives often is, “How does a public art project come to be in Augusta?”

There are several different avenues for the creation of a new public art project. As Public Art Agency for the City of Augusta, the Arts Council directly oversees those projects that are funded by taxpayer dollars, with recommendations of the Public Art Advisory Panel (see below).

The Council also assists with projects that are funded by artists, private investors, businesses, and foundations. Do you have a public art project vision you want to bring to the City of Augusta Richmond County? Email Project Manager Pax Bobrow to get started –

Public Art Advisory Panel

The Public Art Advisory Panel is a group of 7 community leaders that serves in an advisory capacity to the Greater Augusta Arts Council. They are tasked with the visioning of future public art projects in Augusta,  as well as making recommendations to the City of Augusta on the commissioning, acquiring, handling, conserving and maintaining of all public art that will be purchased or is owned by the City of Augusta.

The panel is made up of representatives of the Greater Augusta Arts Council, the City of Augusta Parks and Recreation Department, and the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, as well as local artists, historians, arts educators – all of whom reside in Richmond County. The Public Art Advisory Panel upholds the City of Augusta Public Art Policy and meets regularly to set goals for bringing more public art to Augusta with consideration to taxpayer needs.

Public Art Map

Click on the screenshot below to go to the GIS Public Arts Tour

Taken a picture recently with the “Godfather of Soul,” James Brown statue in downtown Augusta, Georgia? The James Brown “Text Cam” was developed by members of the and lives on the Arts Council website. You’ll find your photos at this link!

The James Brown Text Cam