Across My Desk with
Brenda Durant

Written by: Brenda Durant
April 2024

April is an interesting month in Augusta, GA. I think it’s a fun month, with some slow work weeks. The first half has a few events but, not many as most presenters don’t want to compete with the big event especially with all the private concerts to golf parties next week. 


This year, I have a house full of out-of-town family coming in over the next 10 days.  My cousin’s niece (2nd cousin?) goes to USC and got a job in the pro shop at the Master’s.  She is coming along with her roommate to stay on Glenn and work at the National.  I am hoping there will be a bus from Augusta University but, I promised to get her to work on time each day.  I will.  My daughter and grandson are coming for the week-end to catch up with an old friend.  We’ll spend time together while Ed takes our grandson for a practice sail at the lake.  Finally my California sister arrives on Wednesday to catch up with family during our spring break.  I look forward to a busy week of changing sheets, work, Red Carpet, practice rounds, Rock Fore! Dough and family, family, family.

Westobou's First Friday Event featured Drawings by Philip Morsberger

The Arts Council is always looking ahead.  We keep a 3-month calendar on the office wall and it’s full of ribbon cuttings, press conferences, site tours and meetings.  If you want to experience something amazing, be sure to come downtown the week of April 20-27 and watch 36 artists paint murals on the abutments that lead to the 5th Street Bridge at 5th and Reynolds. Some will work early, some after 5pm, but many will be on site all-day-every-day bringing that long white wall to life.  We are hosting a ribbon cutting on Saturday, April 27th at 11am to celebrate the completion of the murals.  Come on down, we’ll have a food truck or two!


We are so pleased that we now have a partnership with Augusta Tech for arts professional classes for artists.  Our first venture is Intro to E-Commerce for Artists starting this month.  This is great for visual artists interested in showing and selling their work, musicians selling branded swag, or muralist looking for their next gig – all on their own website. Click here for registration info.  While you’re on, be sure to add your info to our Artist Directory and check out our Discord app – all under “resources”. 


I hope you have a great Master’s Week and a great month.  As soon as we all recover, there is so much to see and do.  CANDL Gallery has a show dedicated to Philip Morsberger, Westobou Gallery will have some Morsberger works on paper. Sacred Heart’s reinvented Garden Festival is at the end of the month with much to fill in between events!


Happy Spring