Roswell, GA – Open Call for Artist – Painted Utility Boxes – Due Oct.16, 2023

Roswell, GA – Open Call for Artist – Painted Utility Boxes – Due Oct.16, 2023

Painted Utility Boxes – PUB
Submission Deadline:
October 16, 2023
Please Submit Questions to:
Elan Buchen
Program Director, Roswell Arts Fund
[email protected]
Roswell Arts Fund
PO Box 768136
Roswell GA 30076


Project Summary:
Roswell Arts Fund and the City of Roswell, Georgia invite artists and teams to submit portfolios for
consideration for an exciting painted utility box project.
In a second round of the annual PUB (Painted Utility Box) Project, Roswell will be adding a number of boxes
and concrete manhole covers to be completed by end of 2023. These boxes will be located throughout the city
of Roswell and the manhole concrete risers will be painted along the Chattahoochee River.
Following selection, each of the boxes and risers will be uniquely themed and tailored working with each
artist. Therefore, we invite those interested and experienced to submit their portfolios (up to 5 images) for
The public art of Roswell showcases diverse and varied works, bringing joy, and improving quality of life to
Roswell’s public spaces.
This invitation is extended to all qualified artists with no entry fee.

Artists will receive a $3,000 stipend for the execution of their work paid in two stipends (70% upon execution
of the contract and 30% upon successful completion of the work). This includes the submittal of sketches once
location and theme are final, priming and prepping the box, and providing color key information once
We are seeking sponsors to assist with priming/prepping the boxes, but please plan to prime and prep the
Painted Utility Boxes (PUB) is a collaboration between the Roswell Arts Fund and the City of Roswell. The
utility boxes are owned and maintained by the City of Roswell.
About Roswell: Modern Spirit. Southern Soul.
Roswell’s vision – A premier riverside community, connecting strong neighborhoods and the entrepreneurial
A getaway outside of city limits, Roswell is a welcoming town of southern charm. This community is
surrounded by nature and steeped in history. Roswell is home to a wealth of artists, performance venues,
nonprofit organizations, galleries, and historic homes. In addition, Roswell has become a robust dining
destination, and enjoys a unique proximity to the Chattahoochee River with 22 parks and more than 1000
acres of active and passive parkland facilities. Visit for more information.

Specific PUB Objectives include:
• To inject creativity into our everyday built environment.
• By transforming our infrastructure into works of art, we can display our creativity in places small and
large, while knitting together our community.
• Enhance the aesthetic appeal, interest, and experience for residents and visitors.
Length of Project:
Painting is anticipated to be completed between October and December 2023 weather permitting.
The exhibition will be considered open as painting begins in October 2023, and formally complete
January 2023.
The boxes and risers will be considered temporary as the longevity of the works will depend on
weathering/maintenance needs.

Public Art Selection Process and Panel:
This panel is comprised of diverse Roswell stakeholders including business, civic and community leaders as
well as art professionals.
Finalists and up to three alternates will be selected.
The Public Art Selection Panel reserves the right to solicit additional submissions publicly or directly to
individual artists should the panel decide by majority that there are insufficient submissions for


Artist and Artwork Eligibility:
• This call is open to all artists and artist teams with experience painting. Applicants may be under 18 if a
parent or legal guardian will execute contract on their behalf. For non-local or regional artists that apply,
there is no travel compensation.
• Artists are not required to have public art or mural experience, but it is highly encouraged as all painting
is on-site, outdoors, and accessible to the public.
• All artwork created must be appropriate for all ages.
• Artists/teams will be selected based upon their quality of work and experience.



Each submission will be evaluated on the following criteria:

• Does the artwork presented demonstrate high artistic merit?
• Is it artistically engaging and stimulating? Will it be appreciated by the public?
• Do the examples of work submitted support the artistic merit/quality of the Painted Utility Box


• Does the artist/team have the experience to execute the work?

Submission Requirements:
• Applications must be received no later than October 16, 2023.
o Electronic submissions may be submitted via CAFÉ –

o Mailed Submissions – Hard copy, mailed submissions must be on 8.5 x 11 paper and received
at the address BY OCTOBER 16, 2023 – P.O. Box 76813, Roswell GA 30076
o Email Submissions may be sent to [email protected].
• Contact [email protected] for any assistance.
• Submissions will serve as an agreement to the conditions herein stated for exhibiting in the Painted
Utility Box project.

Submissions must include ALL of the following items:

1. Artist/Team Info: full name, address, email & phone number, including any professional websites.
2. Artist Statement: A description of your work and how you approach painting. 500 words max.
3. Artwork & Details
• Each artist may submit a maximum of FIVE (5) artworks for consideration. If submitting online,
please submit via
• Image List that corresponds to each image included. Include details of each artwork, at minimum:
o Title
o Material types used in fabrication
o Dimensions (HxWxD)
4. Résumé/CV (two-page maximum): PDF or .DOCX format preferred.
5. Artists are required to complete a demographic survey to be considered.

This information is collected anonymously and helps us report to our grantors as well as develop future programs to serve the Roswell communities.
If applying as artist team, please designate one team member as the primary contact and provide complete contact information for that person.


September 2023 Launch and Distribute RFQ

October 4, 2022 Online workshop on this RFQ, how to complete submission, use CAFÉ, and answer any questions.

October 20, 2022 Artist notification and confirmation of interest
and participation.

October 2023 Finalize locations, themes, and sketches

October 2023 Kick off painting

December 31 2023 Final day of painting

Questions about the project may be directed to:
Elan Buchen
[email protected]
Roswell Arts Fund
PO Box 768136
Roswell GA 30076