Augusta Chronicle Features Public Art Master Plan, Art Initiatives in Augusta

Augusta Chronicle Features Public Art Master Plan, Art Initiatives in Augusta

In the Sunday, May 7 edition of the Augusta Chronicle newspaper, Public Art in Augusta made the front page news. The article, titled, “City Seeks to Improve Its Culture, ‘Sense of Place,’ by Augmenting Public Art” was written by reporter Damon Cline and featured many upcoming arts initiatives for the Augusta River Region. In it, Cline covers the newly finished Public Art Master Plan for the Augusta River Region (now available online here), as well as the importance of art ?for economic development. Several members of the Public Art Advisory Panel offer their thoughts on the importance of public art in Cline’s article, including Scott Thorp, chair of the Art Department at Augusta University.

?Why would a city want to invest in public art? Competition. We?re in competition with tax dollars from other cities ? cities with a greater sense of place, cities with a greater narrative. People are spending money in those areas. That?s what it comes down to.?

Pax Bobrow, Project Manager for the Greater Augusta Arts Council, also weighed in on the importance of public art in a community.

?The arts is an engine for economic development.” ?People love whimsy, things that make life brighter and uplifting, and they will go and seek those things out.?

The Greater Augusta Arts Council thanks Damon Cline and the Augusta Chronicle for featuring such an important part of our work. To read the article in its entirety, click the link below.

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