Helpful Tips for Press Releases:



  • Date and ‘For Immediate Release’ at the top.
  • Title and italicized subheading summarizing the news.
  • Location in opening line or at the Top
  • Two to three paragraphs of details.
  • 2 to 3 sentences about the artist information at the bottom. Can be an artist statement, super short bio with website or social media link and phone number.
  • Three pound symbols (###) at the end to signify the end of the release.
  • YOUR Contact information at the top or at the bottom – this is for the media to contact you. Include name, email and phone number.


Increase your chances of having it read and used by a media outlet:

  • Send it out 6 to 8 weeks prior to an event, and again the week before if possible.
  • Keep it to one page if possible, no more than two pages at the most.
  • Write a compelling headline – “Local Artists Has an Exhibit” is not as interesting or attention grabbing as “New Exhibit About Famous Women Artists You’ve Never Heard About” or “Popular Local Author Hosts Book Signing of Her Exciting New Novel” or “Don’t Miss Russell Joel Brown’s Final Concert in Augusta!”
  • A subtitle with more key info can be included below the headline
  • The meat of the Press Release should be at the top below the title / subtitle: who, when, where and what. What is going on, when is it going on, who is involved, and where will it be.
  • Pretend you’re a journalist writing about your event, award, or special news – keep it in third person (Ms. Swain recently was inducted into NAWA. She has an exhibit coming up at ….. for example)
  • You increase your chances of it being included in media stories if they can copy and paste it with minimal reworking. That means spellcheck and grammar check.
  • Including a Quote is a bonus touch – (Rhian said, “Most school kids can name four to five artists, usually all men. Even adults have a hard time listing more than two famous female artists…”)
  • Put the least important information last – that way if anything has to be chopped in the editing room due to space it won’t be the key info you’re trying to get out there.



It helps if you can include at least one good quality photo. It should never be larger than 1meg. Preferred size should be around 500k. Media get a lot of email. If you send a 25meg file and blow up their mail server, they will hate you and not forget. Typically, if media contacts you for an interview they will want to take photos. An event flyer is a good image to include.