Potential Public Art Projects Identified in Harrisburg, Arts Council Information Sessions

Potential Public Art Projects Identified in Harrisburg, Arts Council Information Sessions

With the recent announcement of the Porter Fleming Foundation’s interest in grant application submissions to fund public art, the Greater Augusta Arts Council is seeking artists to submit grant proposals for projects in the Harrisburg community. The deadline for applications is February 1. The Arts Council will host information sessions January 10, 4-5:30 & January 18th 5-6:30 at 1301 Greene St. for artists interested in submitting proposals.

Community Outreach in Harrisburg: Beginning in August 2017, the Greater Augusta Arts Council has met with residents of the Harrisburg neighborhood to support their efforts in bringing public art to their community. These residents have identified potential projects to the Arts Council that would be welcome in the Harrisburg area, a neighborhood of Augusta that is located between downtown Augusta and Lake Olmstead.

Potential Public Art Projects in Harrisburg, requirements: Artists are encouraged to put forward Porter Fleming Foundation Grant proposals that include budgets for supplies, project timelines, installation processes, and maintenance for these projects identified by the Harrisburg community.

  • A.L Williams Park perimeter fence along the Broad Street and Eve Street boundaries, to create a safe zone for children playing in the park, and an eye-catching statement without blocking the view into the park from the street.  The fence should be made of durable materials, solidly installed, a minimum of 5 feet in height.
  • A.L. Williams Park drinking fountain to create a whimsical and accessible source of drinking water for adults, children, and pets in the park.  The fountain must be ADA compliant.  The City of Augusta Recreation & Parks Department will arrange for the water connection.
  • A.L. Williams Park shade structure.  The shade structure must be of sound engineering design, made of durable materials.
  • A.L. Williams Park bench.  The bench must be safe to use for all ages, of sound engineering design, and able to remain durable and usable through all seasonal weather.
  • Eve Street and Crawford Street Overpass Murals to serve as inviting corridors in the walking area beneath the Calhoun Expressway, which runs through the Harrisburg neighborhood.  These areas could be used as a community place-making exercise to heal the physical division of the neighborhood created by the construction of the expressway in the 1970s.  These are large spaces requiring two murals each in the area below, with the possibility of the upper facing of the overpass having a separate mural that includes a “Welcome to Harrisburg” message.

All projects must be designed in collaboration with Harrisburg residents. This will require the artist to devote the initial design period to meeting with people in Harrisburg to understand the community’s needs and self-identity and then presenting designs for the project for review and possible revision. The January 10th & 18th information sessions will include information on how to go about accomplishing this work.