Meet Destinee Love
Featured Artist February 2024

Written by: Heather Dunaway
February 2024

In the heart of Augusta (emphasis on heart), Destinee Love emerges as a radiant force, weaving threads of love, unity, freedom, and peace into the tapestry of her artistic creations. Destinee is a multifaceted artist and mother whose work is a testament to the inspiration drawn from the divine, the unknown, and the vibrant qualities she sees in and around Augusta. The challenges she faces in life only drive her to place a positive and uplifting spin in her artwork.


Along her life’s journey, Destinee is guided by an unwavering faith in God. She incorporates this divine light in her work as an artist. She draws inspiration from nature and life experiences. In her works it is notably seen to be from her perspective, as a woman navigating life. Her art reflects the therapeutic essence of creativity. She creates a vivacious art experience through expression, using vivid colors and bold lines. Through her work she encourages others to embrace art’s healing power.


Immersed in Augusta’s arts scene, Destinee acknowledges and admires the talents that surround her. Being a part of such a talented and hardworking community has become an incredible driving force for many of our local artists. Foremost among Destinee’s local influences are her mentor, Baruti Tucker, Gallerist and the soulful artist behind Nubag (New Urban Blackness Artist Guild). Another is Aort Reed with his bold abstract strokes. Destinee is also inspired by musician and artist AE the Cool.. Proud to call Augusta home, Destinee draws daily inspiration from the gifted creators in her community.

As a mixed media artist, her artwork is not confined to the canvas. She often works with in collage with paper and found object, such as silk flowers.

An African American young woman standing with her artwork. A portrait of a woman surrounded by flowers.
Destinee Love with her artwork

Looking ahead, Destinee Love envisions painting murals that will leave an indelible mark on Augusta’s public art landscape. Applying to become a vendor for the 2024 Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival, she aims to make her work and her healing arts mission known. Collaborating with NuBag and fellow artists, she is committed to personal and community growth. Her overall goals for 2024 include completing long-standing artworks, exploring paper collage, and infusing new elements into her paintings. Destinee aspires to sell and share her works and continue evolving as an artist.

Destinee Love and Baruti Tucker at the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival

This artist’s work can be seen as a celebration of life, faith, and the boundless possibilities found in creativity. As Destinee continues to illuminate Augusta with her vibrant spirit, she invites all to join her on a journey of love, unity, freedom, and peace through the transformative power of art.


Her works can be found locally at Humanitree House Gallery, the Ann and Ellis Johnson Gallery at Jessye Norman School of Art for the “Black Artists Unite” exhibition, as well as at the Augusta & Co. Gallery in the “Soul of Augusta” exhibition alongside fellow NuBag artists. You can also find her work online through her website and on social media sites such as Instagram . Notable displays include celebrity paper collages at Art on Broad for Augusta Training Shop and a captivating wall exhibit at the Augusta Cigar Club.

An man and woman standing next to a large artwork. Both African American. The artwork is a portrait of a woman.