Meet Stoney!
Featured Artist of the Month for October 2023

Written by: Heather Dunaway
October 2023

John Stoney Cannon is a creative based out of Aiken, SC. His work is currently on display in the Augusta & Co. Gallery in his solo exhibition of Pop! Goes the Easel. Like with everyone, there is so much more to know about Stoney that meets the eye.


From the beginning, Stoney has had an interest in art and music. One of his earliest memories of drawing as a toddler was with his great grandmother. She handed him a pencil and paper and the rest his history. Stoney, being an only child of military parents, he moved around a lot. He learned to express himself through drawing. It became his constant friend, move after move. His parents, who were both from different countries, made it a point to introduce him to different types of music, art, culture and expression. He made friends with many different interests as a result.


Stoney eventually went on to become a graphic artist. Though he did lose his zest to create for himself, even though he was winning advertising awards for his work. He eventually shifted from creating visual to written and audible work over the subsequent years.

John "Stoney" Cannon is a Caucasian male with sandy brown hair to his shoulders. He has brown eyes and is wearing a denim button down shirt.

Music being a major driver in his life as a song writer, magazines and books being a big inspiration, it seemed natural that he eventually progressed into writing about music. As a journalist, Stoney has been credited with the creation of Lokal Loudness, a ‘zine turned online music resource for Augusta’s River Region. A role which included writing articles as a music journalist for The Metro Spirit (Augusta, GA), Verge (Augusta, GA). Some of his fondest memories from this time was Art Garfunkel singing to  him over the phone or Pat DiNizio having an almost hour long conversation, post interview, about the movie Eddie and the Cruisers. 

"Delilah" by John Stoney Cannon, placed best in show in the North Augusta Artist Guild 2022 Fall Into Art showcase

It took Stoney almost 30 years to turn back to the visual arts. He found inspiration through his work with fellow artist Francie Klopotic during their shared effort in creating Hooked Onna Feelin’. Which is 100 years of pop music through the eyes, ears and words of two music fanatics.


This led to Stoney creating visual works of some iconic musicians and pop culture celebrities. Being a fan of illustrative, comic style pop-art, Stoney’s most recent work feels like a still from a comic strip. 


Some local favorites of Stoney are Mikey Lindsey, billy s, Porkchop, Karey Santos, and Joya DiStefano to name a few (and there are many).


I love the diversity and I love that there exists a space that allows for everything… – Stoney


Stoney has added to the diversity of arts in Augusta’s River Region through many avenues. Though he doesn’t necessarily like being referred to as an artist or musician. In his words, he is just that “thirteen year old kid who thinks the stuff he draws looks cool.” His work can be found in the New Moon Cafe and MacK’s Deli in Aiken, SC, Killer Kutz Hair Salon in North Augusta, SC, Augusta & Co. in Downtown Augusta, GA as well as in art showcases hosted by the Arts Council and 4P Studios. Online, you can find his work on his website, social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook or more about his music on bandcamp.